Invite us to your school, place of worship, or community center

Interested in learning more about our programs? Or perhaps you’d like to hear more about how we build resilience in families and children? Invite us to your school, place of worship, or other community center for a free informative conversation on how we can provide support to families in your community.

Our Program Director Maria Trozzi, plus other members of the Joanna’s Place staff, will come to your chosen location for a casual gathering where we’ll discuss our developmentally-informed approach to guiding children and families through life’s most stressful events, and provide information on the exciting, no-cost programs we offer to families on the South Shore. Attendees will leave with a full understanding of the tools, support, and resources we offer.

Start the conversation

If you’re interested in having Maria Trozzi and the Joanna’s Place team visit your community center, please contact us.

"Knowing what to say, when to say it (or not) and how to help a child whose parent is critically ill or has died is difficult for so many reasons. Maria's training has given us these tools to help our vulnerable students when they need it most. This is an important training!"

Holly Concannon

Principal, Collicot School, Milton; Participant, Get Acquainted Workshop