Support programs that change lives

How children process and understand stressful situations changes at different developmental stages. Joanna’s Place helps parents and families acquire the skills necessary to help children at each age and stage of development.

Maria Trozzithe Program Director of Joanna’s Place, brings decades of expertise and experience as a trusted clinician, national expert and respected author helping families and school communities face stressful life events.

Who We Help

  • Children and Adolescents, ages 6-18
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Educators, clergy, pediatricians, and other organizations that support children through difficult times

How We Help

  • Offer fun programs that focus on resilience
  • Provide tools, support, and resources to heal, grow, and strengthen families
  • Offer support at no cost to families
  • Provide support and training to organizations helping children and
    families deal with some of life’s most stressful events

Circle-G Support Group

This program is for children and adolescents who are facing the loss of a parent or sibling.  It is offered to children ages 6-18, and their parents.

Talking Points Consultations

This is a free, time-sensitive consultation for parents when their child is facing any stressful event from moving, divorce, to a life-changing diagnosis. The need for expert help is universal. The consultation is often done by phone and serves parents of any age child.

The Typical Sibling

See Me, Too focuses on understanding the needs of children who have a brother or sister with a significant special need. It is designed for school personnel, service providers, or parent groups.

Get Acquainted Workshops

These free workshops are offered to schools and organizations in our community. We provide expert advice, guidance, support and discuss evidence-based strategies that have been researched and proven to promote resilience in kids.

Refer a Family

We welcome referrals. Help make a difference in the life of a family that can benefit from our services. We’re here to help.